We're creating the music, using traditional japanese instruments with popular music instruments.

Our music has percussive and strange rhythm & melody.
It's Phantasmagoric mechanism music.

Not "Just a traditional inheritance", Of course, it is not even "destruction of tradition".
The creation of popular music of modern Japan with a sense.

    July 2010 :
    NEW YORK tour

    @CRASH MANSION, The Sidewalk Cafe,etc

    Jun 2011 :
    NEW YORK tour

    @Goodbye Blue Monday, The Fontana's,
    Uncle Charlie's, "Make Music NY", etc 10shows

    April-May 2012 :
    U.S.A tour (East - Mid West)

    NY,Chicago,Des Moines,
    Minneapolis,La Crosse,

Our name "NolenNiu-de-Ossi".
It comes from an old japanese proverb.
Literally, it means "Pushing through a curtain that has no resistance."
We put the meaning that "We go my way".

We are playing the show in Japan & U.S.A, and hope to play at other many countries.

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    Yasushi Kita (喜多 寧)
    Vo / Shamisen / Guitar

      As a Tsugaru shamisen player, performing in various places.
      And until now, teaching over 150 students.
      Nov 2013, for 40TH YEAR OF ASEAN-JAPAN FRIENDSHIP & COOPERTION events 'Drums & Voices', went to Brunei as Shamisen player and Singer.

      As a Flamenco player, joining by Shamisen and Guitar and Voice.

    Toruko (とる子)
    Piano / Accordion / Vo

      As a Pianist, performing in various concerts.

      As an Accordionist, playing at various parties, and joining the recording.

      As a Desighner, all the artwork of NolenNiu-de-Ossi are by her.





Support (in Japan)

    Kazunari Abe (阿部 一成)
    Shino-bue / Noh-kan / Taiko

      Kazunari Abe is a poetic artist, musician and composer based in Japan.
      He plays 'Shino-bue’, a traditional Japanese flute made of bamboo.
      The inspiration for his music comes from nature, folk entertainment and prayers of the living and dead.
      After 14 years as a member of Kodo, Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble, he currently lives in his birthplace, Niihama, Japan.
      While hosting “Shinobue Studio, ...playing the flute by deep breathing & the heart”, private lessons focusing on Shinobue and breathing techniques, he also participates as a Shinobue player and Taiko drummer in contemporary dance performance, such as "PUZ/ZLE", "BABEL(WORDS)", choreographed by Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.
      In January 2014, Kazunari Abe released his first album “Ryu No Koe / The Echo fo Dragon Singing".
      He has played Japanese Flute Shinobue in 28 countries, holding solo performances as well as doing workshops and sharing the charms of Shinobue.

    >> NolenNiu-de-Ossi Official Website <<
    Takashi Toshimori (歳森 隆史)
    Mandorin / Guitar / Vo